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On an average 20% of analytics/ business intelligence positions are filled with difficulty or remain vacant. When it comes to finding the people who are going to simplify your decision making process and thus have direct impact on the course of your organization you need to be extra sure about the hired talent and its ability. Our experience in training students in BI and a strong understanding of the industry landscape due to decades of work therein enables us to identify the perfect talent fit for you. 


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Today, a lot of businesses are putting their faith in data-driven decisions, and that’s increasing demand for analytics and Business Intelligence expertise. Hikes for BI professional are on an average 50% higher than the It professionals in the same age group.
In the next few years, the size of the analytics market will evolve to at least one-thirds and the demand for BI Professional will consequently increase. Our tie ups with big corporates in almost all the sectors ranging from automobile companies to fashion houses and banks to FMCG companies enables us to choose the right career for you. 

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